Clearing and forwarding

Clearing and forwarding companies in Kenya / Eastern Africa.

Clearing and Forwarding companies in Kenya or agents, act as an intermediary between a person shipping or cargo owners.

Similarly, border control/customs authorities and other logistics providers on chain supply logistics can also act as a clearing and forwarding agents.

Clearing and forwarding agents have proved to be a vital part of the chain supply logistics.

So, do you want to clear customs fast?

Our experienced technical experts at Junubin Logistics will help clear your goods easily and efficiently.

Clearing and Forwarding Agents Practices

Clearing and Forwarding companies in Kenya or agents like Junubin Logistics, perform various logistics services.

In other words, a Clearing & Forwarding company or agents’ services may include:

  • Making arrangements for the shipment.
  • Pickup and cargo delivery reports.
  • Arranging and coordinating customs for warehousing.
  • Creating an invoice for international shipping.
  • Finally, confirming the delivery of your shipment.

Junubin Logistics has established itself as a notable Clearing & Forwarding company in the region.

We know once the shipment has been handed over to our team, you can be assured of a timely shipping and safe delivery of your cargo.

Our customs experts will quickly guide you through the complexity of;

  • All trade agreement compliance.
  • Tariff classification
  • Duty / tax recovery
  • Compliance Audits
  • Valuation
  • Specific product requirements

In addition, you can be assured of compliance on all imports and exports processes such as;

  • Support for all documents for import, export, and transit
  • Smooth customs activities like fast processing of your shipments
  • Excellent customs storage facilities

Above all, we will help you arrange all formalities regarding the import, export, and transit of your products.

Certainly, Junubin Logistics takes pride in having a wealth of recourses for Shipping Companies in Kenya.

We also act as a;

  • Clearing & Forwarding Agent
  • Customs Clearance Agent
  • Customs brokerage
  • Shipping Agent & Logistics Consultant
  • Air Freight Forwarders & Cargo Shipping Agent in Kenya / East Africa

To sum up, contact Junubin Logistics Nairobi Branch for the needed support.